3 Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Money Online (Beermoney)

First, these methods will not make you a millionair (otherwise I wouldn’t be telling you about them).

In fact, they will make you less money an hour than a regular job.

But, if you are sometimes bored, they are really handy for making a quick extra bucks which you can spend on beer or your girlfriend (if you have one, or you could be a girl reading this ofcourse). Although the last one could get you more money than expected.

Let’s just get into them immediately.

#1. Doing Surveys

Okay, there are many websites where you can do surveys. Some pay more then the other.

As a courtesy, I will provide you with some websites that will pay you the most.

In my experience, doing surveys can be somewhat fun, or really boring. You might come across some funny ones, but in general it is just a standard task, but after a while you get the hang of it and you can do them fairly quickly.

The best one is Swagbucks. The good thing about this one is that if you sign up other people, you will make 10% of what they make. So if they earn a lot, you get your share too. And in addition you can do some surveys as well!

Others are mturk, usertesting.com, clixsense and mypoints.com (look ’em up).

#2. Sell your talents online

The best way to this is by using Fiverr.

The principle is simple. You offer some skillset for $5, which you call ‘gigs.’ If someone needs that particular skillset, like making a logo, you will get paid $5 for it. If you want to sell some art for $5, that is possible too. Basically any type of skill is possibile.

On the other hand, you can also pay $5 to get a service you need. But hey, this article was about making money right. Finally you can benefit from your variety of skills that you have.

#3. Tutoring

This one is the highest paying, but also you need the highest amount of skills. I haven’t done it myself, but I heard stories of people making over $10 dollar an hour, to even as much as $25 an hour.

There are two big websites where you can become a tutor on. Chegg and Tutor.

There is a good possibility you need to pass an exam to prove your knowledge first, before you can become a tutor. But after that, you are set.

You can tutor basically on any subject that people need tutoring on, and if there is a high demand, it means you can make a lot of extra money.

The first two ways are really easy to set up. The third takes a bit of effort, but you can make a lot of extra money with it.


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